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Scholarship Launch 

February 28, 2021

application PERIOD

March 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021

Screening Period 

Whole month of May 2021


announcement of TOP 5 scholars

June 1, 2021



1. International Students
2. Graduates of a Pre-Med program






Candidates who successfully pass all the requirements and criteria will be provided a 100% discount on tuition.




Application, Requirements, & Selection Process


1. Applicants must submit the following requirements to this link: http://bit.ly/TheBestYouScholarship


1.    Application Form (download the file below)
2.    Application Letter - Address to Mr. Gilbert Magno C. Braganza, VP for Student Life through Jhana Jhamaica G. Cantiga, Scholarship Coordinator
3.    Official TOR with overall GWA
4.    GWA Certification of Professional Subjects
5.    Certificate of Good Moral Character
6.    Diploma
7.    Proof of Academic and Leadership Achievement
           - Deadline of submission is close of business on April 30, 2021
2. Candidates will be assessed thru initial evaluation based on the following criteria:
        a. Pre-med Grades
        b. Proof of Academic and Leadership Achievements

3. Top 5 Applicants will be forwarded to SOM for MMI Interview.

4. Announcement of Top 3 applicants will be through SWU PHINMA Official Facebook Page.



the best you SCHOLARSHIP

(Click PDF icon to download)



Urgello Street, Cebu City Philippines 6000

Tel. No.: +63 (32) 416 4680