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  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

In the past, especially in the Philippines, when people talked about caring for animals, it was largely for purposes of agriculture and livestock. But we know that to humans, animals represent more than just a commodity. They are man’s friend and lifelong companion. This is something that SWU PHINMA’s veterinary medicine program understands, and this is why our focus is not just on promoting animal health, but more so, in improving the quality of life of pets so that they may continue to bring more joy and unconditional love to humans. SWU PHINMA Vet Med aims to produce urban-based Vets – Vets in the City.  


Our program will achieve this through specialization in small animal care particularly on rehabilitation, prosthetics, and veterinary dentistry. They will undergo hands-on training in our very own Animal Hospital, and be imbibed not only with the skill in those specializations, but also the value of empathy for pet owners, enabling them to provide quality and personalized pet care.

The Veterinary Medicine program curriculum provides learners the skills, values, and compassion needed to succeed in the veterinary health practice by integrating practical medical knowledge and exposure with entrepreneurial and managerial skills training.


SWU Vet Med’s curriculum trains students to develop expertise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and surgery for various pet illnesses. Specific situations are examined thoroughly through classes that feature the latest laboratory equipment.

The program also provides hands-on experience to learners through regular urban veterinary hospital duty from first to fourth year. Apart from veterinary hospital exposure, learners are also required to participate in community development projects under public health programs.

Learners may already become veterinary technicians and nurses by the fourth year of the program. After the fourth year, learners will train to sub-specialize in one of these three categories: (a) pet rehabilitation and prosthesis, (b) surgery, or (c) dentistry. Learners earn their medical degree after their sixth year.


The program prepares learners to start their own veterinary practice by developing their entrepreneurial and managerial skills. Learners are required to conduct feasibility studies to train them on problem solving and analysis – tools required in successfully running one’s own veterinary clinic.


Individuals who are deeply appreciative of and compassionate towards pets and small animals, and are committed to improving their quality of life and their relationship with their human owners are very much welcome to enroll in the program.


Our graduates will have all the opportunity to cater to a growing population of pet owners in the philippines and all over the world. the training we provide will enable them to start their own practice in any city, work for leading animal hospitals and clinics in the country, or be employed any company or organization that deals with small animals.



Urgello Street, Cebu City Philippines 6000

Tel. No.: +63 (32) 416 4680